Recovery Audit

Processing errors can (and do) happen in any company, regardless of their size. Internal teams attempt to keep on top of them, which can result in a drain on time, resource and overall efficiency.

Want to avoid important process errors going undetected? This is where Customs Connect can help.

Recovery Audit: How Customs Connect help maximise your profit

With our unparalleled experience and expertise in Recovery Audit methodologies, we can efficiently assess the areas of opportunity within your business.

Prevention and Cure - The Customs Connect Recovery Audit Process

Working together with your internal teams, Customs Connect can maximise your return in two ways:

  • Advising robust process changes to prevent future ‘profit leakage’
  • Recovery of previously unidentified or retrospective amounts owing to your business


Recovery Audit activities will also have the longer-term benefit of:

  • Introducing improved internal procedures
  • Avoiding future undetected process errors


0 million saved for our Recovery Audit clients

Working with you to understand your systems, process and objectives

We work alongside you so that we can truly understand how your business works.

Having an in-depth understanding of your systems, procedures and objectives is essential to ensure we deliver the most suitable solution.

Plugging the profit leaks with a Customs Connect Recovery Audit

We will detect, review and make suggestions to improve processes in a number of different business areas.

  • Accounts payable transactions
  • Direct spend contracts
  • Supplier income
  • Overhead contracts
  • Property costs and income

All of the above is carried out by our expert team, without disrupting company operations or damaging supplier relationships in any way.

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