Brexit Advisory Services

There is much uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the impact that leaving the EU will have on businesses in the UK as well as the other EU Member States. It’s essential to understand the effects and plan for the impact of a wide range of Brexit scenarios on your business.

One thing we can be certain of is that there will be opportunities to mitigate the risks and in some cases adapt to gain a competitive advantage. This is where Customs Connect can help.

Customs Connect’s Brexit Modelling Tool

We track changes and developments on the Brexit process so you don’t have to.

Using our modelling tool, we can see what you are paying in customs duty now and assess what you may pay once Brexit is in place. We can then advise on potential savings that can be made to mitigate the impact.

We can also advise you on other customs areas (eg origin, export controls, etc.) which could be affected and how to mitigate the risks related to these areas.

Why wait for a final Brexit agreement when we can help you proactively plan for change, today?

Whilst the majority of businesses in the UK and across the EU will wait for the final Brexit agreement and timeframes to emerge, we can already see possible scenarios and trends emerging.

Whilst these scenarios could pose a risk to organisations, they also provide an opportunity to gain competitive advantage.


Managing the impact of Brexit on your business

We aim to provide transparent and intelligent advice over one of the biggest events to happen to businesses in Europe over the last 40 years. Our team works alongside you to enable specific actions to be taken to manage and mitigate the impact.

Planning to mitigate any adverse impact will require regulatory approval and could take up to two years to implement.

Helping your business plan for Brexit frameworks

Our bespoke tools and customs duty software have been crafted and developed over time in collaboration with our clients, resulting in methodologies at the forefront of customs duty planning.

Using this well-developed knowledge and methodology, we can assess the possible customs duty impact of the UK leaving the European Union on your business.

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