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When you’re importing goods from outside the EU, it’s essential that your business complies with the rules and regulations surrounding EU Customs.

Here at Customs Connect we are constantly developing and innovating the technology we use to identify opportunities. These opportunities can range from minimising the cost of import duty and VAT to correcting inconsistencies in your customs planning.

We consult and advise on areas of your business where you can make cost effective changes to your processes.

Each of our services are highlighted below, click through to find out how reviewing your current processes could result in a real cost effective boost to your business.

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Redirecting to the CC Digital Solutions website

We now have a dedicated Digital Solutions team.
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Autonomous Duty Suspensions

If your business regularly imports raw materials from countries outside of the EU, you could be eligible for an Autonomous Duty Suspensions (ADS). We have the expert knowledge and skills required to conduct the initial in-depth research required to pinpoint potential suspensions and prepare a robust proposal with the aim of substantially reducing your overall duty costs.
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Customs Classification

Are you paying more customs duty than you need to on goods imported from outside the EU? Let our customs experts review your current customs classifications process so you can rest assured that you’re using the right codes and not paying a penny more more than you need to.
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Customs Planning

Do you know how much customs duty you are paying right now? Customs Connect has developed over 170 tried and tested planning ideas and methodologies to help pinpoint and reduce these costs, often with retrospective effect to generate historical customs duty reclaims. Find out how we can improve your bottom line.
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Customs Compliance

Minimising risk and reducing the associated administrative costs are just two of the benefits associated with correct Customs Compliance. We will review your current procedures and suggest areas where we can help to reduce the risk of a costly customs penalty as a result of an error or through implementing best practice.
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From VAT registrations through to VAT returns our specialist consultants will independently review and provide professional assistance with all aspects of VAT. So, whether you are new to VAT, want to outsource the VAT returns, or simply need guidance on the latest regulatory changes across the EU, our team are here to help.
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Export Control

Knowing exactly how export control regulations apply to your specific business is vital to avoid any costly issues further down the line.
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What will Brexit mean for businesses who import goods from within the EU? How do you plan for a wide range of possible scenarios? Our customs professionals can advise you on the areas of your business that could be affected by the changes, provide guidance on preparing for what’s about to come and help you to develop contingency plans as well as giving you an actual calculation of the likely effect on your customs duty spend, based on recent historic import records.
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