Duty Free, or Not Duty Free?

March 2018

That is the question for just under 1,000 combined nomenclature codes.  Are you aware that 925 codes are currently under review and the result of this review will decide on the difference between a duty free and a positive rate of import customs duty. It is expected that as many as 25% of the codes in review will see a return to a positive rate of duty. Although a large number of these products fall into the chemical sector, this could affect products in the foodstuffs, pigments, plastics, rubber, textile, ceramic, glass, aluminium, electronic sectors…….the list goes on!

At Customs Connect, we have helped many of our clients across Europe to mitigate the effect of import customs duty, especially those in the manufacturing sector. These measures being imposed could affect companies processing, assembling and manufacturing across the EU in the food and drinks industry. Products used in the manufacture of surgical implants, ink cartridges, lubricating oils, detergents, laminated safety glass and many more products, especially components used in the electronics sector could all see similar changes.

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