Introducing The New Release of the UK Global Tariff 2021

The new customs tariff for January 2021 (UK Global Tariff) has now been released.

This will replace the EU’s Common External Tariff which is currently in force until 31st December 2020.

This link takes you to that new tariff:

As we expected this isn’t anywhere near the temporary no-deal tariff published last year. If anything this is a slight step-back from the temporary no-deal tariff schedule published last year, which would’ve made 87% of UK imports tariff-free, whereas the release only proposes to make 60% tariff-free.

Already we see comments forming, that this is getting business ready for a “Hard” Brexit, but whatever the outcome customs planning to mitigate the additional costs for some business is imperative bearing in mind it is only just over seven (7) months away.

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