Customs Connect

VAT was supposed to be a “simple tax”.  These were the words used to describe VAT by the then Government in 1973.  In the current day, with far more scrutiny from HMRC and the future of a Brexit Britain, it is far from simple.

At Customs Connect we can help you manage your risks and costs of compliance, seek opportunities to improve cash flow and identify absolute savings.

Working in partnership with you our approach is to provide a tailor-made solution for all your VAT needs, from VAT compliance to more complex land and property transactions and the import, export or intra EC cross border movement of goods.

Examples of the VAT services we provide include:

  • Cross border and supply chain analysis;
  • Understanding the implications and potential incremental cost of a Brexit Britain;
  • Transactions review to maximise the VAT efficiency and identify VAT opportunities;
  • Land and property acquisition or the development of new commercial and residential properties;
  • Business acquisition and disposal, along with the VAT recovery of the associated deal fees;
  • General business review to ensure maximum VAT efficiency;
  • For partially exempt businesses we can develop VAT recovery methods that are both practical and VAT effective;
  • VAT compliance reviews and assistance with the preparation for a HMRC audit;
  • Penalty mitigation;
  • EU VAT refunds.

For more details, contact Gavin Tucker, Head of VAT on +44 (0) 7966 250 866