Customs Connect

There are a number of ways we could reduce your business costs both retrospectively and going forward. It might be through reviewing tariff classification, implementing customs procedures or auditing historic vendor payments. All services are optimised to deliver cash back into your business and minimise your operational compliance risks.

The methods we employ to achieve our aims may include –

  • Resolving tariff classification issues & obtaining smart classification rulings
  • Obtaining and monitoring autonomous duty suspensions & quotas
  • Applying for Binding Origin Information rulings
  • Reducing the customs value by stripping out qualifying items
  • Implementing customs duty relief schemes
  • Improving working capital through deferring the charge for customs duty and import VAT
  • Ensuring your supplier contracts deliver maximum value
  • Analysing Accounts Payable for profit leakage
  • Reviewing accuracy of property income and expenditure
  • Reviewing Input and Output VAT for compliance