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The Challenge

Initially, the audit was limited to a review of commercial trading terms over a three-year period. This proved so successful, the audit was extended into all areas of the business, including promotional income, margin support for electronics, pricing and accounts payable.

Our audit experts worked with data analysts and on-site data teams to understand Carrefour UAE’s systems and remap them to allow the audit to be conducted.

The Result

After 6 months of collecting, reviewing and analysing data, several areas of missed income were identified. The exercise also illustrated how complex agreements can lead to different interpretations that result in income being missed – especially where systems are used to calculate and collect supplier income.

Actual results came after 2 months dedicated to data collection and understanding the business for the auditors. Their commitment and persistence enabled them to gain a thorough understanding of our business processes and systems. All dealings were professional and consistent with our working practices and we have had no negative impact on relations, contracted terms or the supply of goods. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Vice President

Finance, Carrefour UAE